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How we gained 1,000 Twitter followers in a few months.

Posted by Bliley Technologies on Aug 11, 2016 4:06:29 PM

1000 twitter followers

From zero to hero

Our marketing ninja, Rob, explains how we gained 1000 twitter followers in less time than it takes to complete a new RF design!

It was a normal Tuesday at the office, when the ultimate gauntlet was thrown down...  Grow our Twitter Followers from basically nothing to over 1,000 and do it before the summer ends.

Well, I'm happy to report... we did it!!!

Here's how we grew our Twitter followers to over 1,000

  • Content, content, content - In order to gain followers, you have to give them something to follow... you need to give them a reason to want to see you in their news feed.  For us, we knew who we wanted to reach and we started sharing content we thought would connect with that audience.  
    At first, we mostly shared other's content... but as we started creating great content of our own, we started sharing more of our own content.
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  • Follow to be followed (Rule of Twitter #3) - A lot of people throw up a Twitter account, post a couple super salesy posts and wonder why no one is following them back.  Well, there's a general rule of Twitter, and that's "follow to be followed."  Don't just follow anyone though... because you want to grow a follower base of your target audience.  One hack we used was to look at who was following our competitors or anchor customers, and then follow those people.  The results speak for themselves...

  • Interact with your followers - Don't be that guy... no one likes to follow a robot that is just cranking out automated posts... people want to follow and build relationships with real people.  Make sure you're interacting with your followers... if you do, cool things like this can happen!  This was an epic exchange with Honeywell Aerospace.  People interacting with people, isn't that the point of social media in the first place?

  • Repeat - I know it sounds simple, but sometimes the simplest plans are the hardest to stick with.  We had a plan and a rhythm and we just keep with it until we hit our goal!  What's next?  Well, we thought about throwing an epic party and inviting the whole internet, but engineers tend to be rather introverted and a party might not be the best way to celebrate!

Want to learn about other way's we're achieving our goals?  Check out this post on the productivity tools Bliley uses every day.  Or download our infographic on productivity hacks.

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