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How ECCM Techniques Take Electronic Warfare to the Next Level

Posted by Bliley Technologies on Oct 17, 2017 6:30:00 AM

The evolution of electronic warfare has been driven by the competition between Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (ECCM). Electronic warfare involves not only harnessing the electromagnetic spectrum, but defending against enemy use of the spectrum, and, if possible, denying their ability to use it in the first place. Since the earliest attempts at jamming radio communications, techniques have been developed to counteract enemy ECM.

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Topics: Electronic Warfare

What is SIGINT and How is it Used in Electronic Warfare?

Posted by Bliley Technologies on Sep 26, 2017 6:30:00 AM

Intelligence-driven decision-making is at the heart of daily operations and strategic planning for modern militaries and intelligence agencies, and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) is a big part of what makes it possible. Today we’ll discuss how SIGINT works and why it is so important, especially as it applies to Electronic Warfare applications.

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Topics: Aviation, Electronic Warfare

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