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12 Engineering Thought Leaders You Should Follow On Twitter

Posted by Bliley Technologies on Jun 3, 2016 9:07:55 AM
engineering thought leaders
Twitter has become a great way to keep track of current events, find out what's trending, and see what other people are talking about.  Engineers have been using Twitter since the very beginning to connect and share relevant content.  There are few recognized thought leaders that have amassed followers by the thousands.  They've got some epic content that we think could help inspire, challenge, and inform even the most seasoned engineers.

Without further adu, here is our list of engineering thought leaders that you should be following on Twitter.

#1 Engineering.com 

Twitter handle  @Engineeringcom

Twitter bio

// Inform. Inspire. Entertain. // http://ENGINEERING.com  is the premier online destination for engineers of all disciplines.  


#2 William Wong

Twitter handle @AltEmbedded

Twitter bio

Technology Editor for Electronic Design covering digital, embedded, systems and software. Interests include robotics, programming and gaming.



#3 Knovel

Twitter handle @knovelupdates

Twitter bio 

News and information of interest to the engineering community. Knovel is a part of Elsevier R&D Solutions



#4 Dave Jones

Twitter handle @eevblog

Twitter bio 

Engineering Ranter. Really, that's my day job, ranting on Youtube videos &  It's a living. This is my personal channel, so you get it all here.



#5 James Grenning

Twitter handle @jwgrenning

Twitter bio 

I do consulting and training in Agile. I work a lot with people building embedded systems, but that's not all.


#6 Jeri Ellsworth

Twitter handle @jeriellsworth

Twitter bio 

Because the internet needs more opinionated nerds.


#7 Jayson Tautic

Twitter handle @TAUTIC

Twitter bio 

Thinker, Maker, Technologist - President & CEO of TAUTIC ELECTRONICS LLC


#8 Paul J Clarke

Twitter handle @monpjc

Twitter bio 

Electronics Design Engineer by day and Electronics Blogger and all round geek by night. Married with two kiddies and slightly mad!



#9 Victor Laynez

Twitter handle @roteno

Twitter bio 

Builder of RF embedded systems for work and play!



#10 Greg Harrison

Twitter handle @GregHarrisonEE

Twitter bio 

Husband to JoyBean the Wondermous, EE (PCB,FPGA,ASIC,EDA), Edu outreach & movie riffing buff, Oxford comma, and University of Kentucky grad. Speaking for myself


#11 Chris Gammell

Twitter handle @Chris_Gammell

Twitter bio 

News and information of interest to the engineering community. Knovel is a part of Elsevier R&D Solutions



#12 Jeff Keyzer

Twitter handle @mightyohm

Twitter bio 

I am an Electrical Engineer. I design consumer electronics hardware at Valve. My soldering iron is always warm.



BONUS! Bliley Technologies

Twitter handle @BlileyTech

Twitter bio 

Fabricators of the best frequency control devices in the universe. We're motivated by what our products enable and inspired by our customers' innovations.


 We love to learn new things and solve hard problems... every engineer has a valuable perspective that could challenge our normal way of approaching problems.  

Who else should be added to our list of engineering thought leaders? Leave a comment below with your additions to the list!

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