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4 Free Productivity and Collaboration Tools That Take Bliley Further

Posted by Bliley Technologies on Jul 5, 2016 8:30:00 AM


Here at Bliley Technologies, we are always trying to incorporate new tools to increase productivity and collaboration within the company, and ultimately drive innovation that will propel Bliley into the next 85 years.

Here is a list of the top 4 free productivity and colloboration tools that our leadership team uses every day to ensure we're delivering the most value for our customers. (Learn more about our leadership team here.)  You too can download them to see an immediate increase in your company's productivity and collaboration! 


#1 Evernote








  • How does Bliley capture notes on the fly without worrying about organizing on the spot? Create an ".inbox" folder and come back later to organize! The goal is for our Super Sales Leader Steve to satisfy customers requests in real time while capturing notes in a random fashion.
  • We share notebooks to drive a collaboration and maintain our solid on time delivery metrics!
  • Don’t forget to tag your notes or Tommy will never find his way to success!
  • Signup for Evernote and work together on projects! 

#2 Slack




  • Channel your collaboration! Not everyone at Bliley cares about 3rd overtone SC cut quartz crystal blank issues… but those of us that do can jump onto our #crystalengineering slack channel and collaborate in real-time.
  • Slack recently introduced a VOIP Calling feature so you can phone your colleague for those occasions when text, emojis, and /giphys aren't quite enought to get your point across.
  • When Mr. Stout captures an amazing low G-compensated waveform…the Share File feature provides a seamless way to share the news... even at 1:00AM!
  • Collaboration here at Bliley is 100x faster with Slack. You can do the same by downloading it for free here!
  • When Keith needs to look into the eyes of the team over video while he delivers the monthly targets, Join.me provides that capability through floating video bubbles!
  • When Greg needs to sketch out red-lines for the most recent design, the Whiteboard feature allows us to hold effective design reviews with teams at different locations. Thanks to Join.me the team can quickly correct his spelling and critique his stick figures.
  • There are many times during the week that Mr. Curtis has to share his analysis of productivity. Join.me provides screen sharing with a simple click.
  • Try it for yourself and download Join.me!


#4 DropBox 

  • During the mad scramble to find the new data sheet for our new LP102A, while talking through a solution to solve a big customer issue, while at a customer dinner...DropBox saves the day via Tom's smart phone so he can get right back to enjoying his steak dinner with his customer. 
  • Reduce email attachments and provide an easy way for your customer to collaborate through the sharing of documents.
  • Save your customer's email inbox by downloading dropbox!


What tools do you use?

Do you have another productivity tool that you recommend for our list?

We'd love to hear it! Just leave us your suggestions below.


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