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Bliley Technologies introduces the BTI20160401 Kyber Crystal (non-weapon grade)

Posted by Bliley Technologies on May 9, 2016 3:00:30 PM
Kyber CrystalErie, PA; April 1st, 2016 - The innovative engineers at Bliley Technologies have completed development of their next market changing product, the BTI20160401.  The BTI20160401 is a line of high-quality genuine quartz Kyber crystals.  Led by a team of some of the most experienced crystal engineers in the industry, the BTI20160401 represents "state-of-the-industry" in non-weapon grade Kyber crystals.
For those who live under a rock are unfamiliar with this type of crystal, kyber crystals are a key component in Jedi and Sith lightsabers.  In fact they provide the source of energy to form the light beam (blade) of the ancient sabers.  "The heart of the lightsaber, the [kyber] crystal is," Yoda said.
"When the team first pitched the idea of developing kyber crystals I have to admit, I had to google "Kyber crystal" I was excited about expanding into this market," said Keith S., Bliley Technologies, CEO.  The team at Bliley developed a process that refines standard quartz crystals and tunes them into "the force" before a final aging process to ensure long-term stability.  "We have a true expertise with quartz crystal engineering and I was surprised how much of that expertise translated to this new line." proclaimed Bliley VP of Technology, Tommy R.
"It was a natural progression for our product portfolio.  We already make the highest performing crystals in this galaxy," commented Greg R., Bliley's VP of Products.  He was speaking of the Bliley BG61 crystals that are currently 4.5 billion miles away on-board the New Horizon space craft exploring Pluto.  "These other-worldly crystals were an obvious next step."  While the current generation of Bliley developed kyber crystals are strictly non-weapon grade, the engineering team is working on multi-generation product plans that will lead to crystals powerful enough to be installed in battle ready light sabers.
"I can't wait to install one of these new Bliley crystals and finally ditch that cracked crystal I have now," replied Kylo Ren when contacted about the new kyber crystal supplier.
About Bliley Technologies - Bliley Technologies is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of low noise frequency control products. Privately owned and operated since 1930, our dedicated employees, utilizing our 64,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Erie PA, have been a stable source of quality frequency control products for our customers for over eighty years. In fact Bliley remains one of the very few US based companies to have crystal and oscillator manufacturing within the same facility. Bliley's vertical integration provides an ideal environment for our crystal, oscillators and mechanical engineers to work closely with our production employees to develop and produce some of the most robust designs offered in our industry.
While Bliley Technologies has one of the broadest portfolios of standard product designs in the industry, our legacy and eighty plus years of success is built upon meeting our customers’ needs for custom designs.  Our design engineers and sales staff develop strong relationships with our customers in order to deliver a product that meets their exact needs and helps to ensure that they are successful in meeting their project goals.


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