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How to Achieve Low Phase Noise with the Poseidon 2 OCXO Oscillator

Posted by Bliley Technologies on Aug 11, 2020 8:15:00 AM

low phase noise solution for high vibration environments ocxo

The Secret to Low Phase Noise?
The Poseidon 2 Low Phase Noise Oscillator!

Bliley’s Poseidon 2 Low Phase Noise OCXO Oscillator offers the world's best low phase noise performance when subjected to dynamic random vibration conditions.  It's designed for demanding vibration and low g environments with its acceleration sensitivity as low as 0.007 PPB/G for all 3 axis of vibration.

This low phase noise oscillator is well suited for:

  • Ground Mobile
  • Airborne
  • Radar & Communication Systems
  • Shipboard Environments
  • Any applications requiring ultra low phase noise  or low g performance out to 1MHz offset

In addition, this low phase noise OCXO oscillator offers excellent temperature stability in a modular package. The Poseidon 2 series offers customizable output frequencies between 5 MHz and 130MHz.

bliley poseidon 2 low phase noise oscillator with g-compensation
Bliley has applied their over 90 years of experience in the frequency control industry to make the Poseidon 2 OCXO the best low phase noise oscillator on the market today!

Download your copy of the full datasheet for Poseidon 2!

Other Low Phase Noise and Low-g Sensitivity Solutions

Bliley now offers a variety of high vibration OCXO oscillators that are designed for intense high vibration and low g environments. Our options now fit many different requirements and price points. Explore all of our high vibration, low-g sensitivity solutions!

poseidon 2 bliley technologies OCXO crystal oscillator low phase noise

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