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Buy OCXOs - Immediate Oscillator Pricing for Design Engineers

Posted by Rob Rutkowski on Oct 6, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Immediate OCXO Oscillator pricing guide

Have you noticed how difficult it seems to find transparent pricing for frequency control & crystal oscillator components? If so, you're not wrong. Traditionally, it has been difficult to find quick, standard pricing for all things frequency control. Instead, you're basically forced to go through the long quoting process to even get an idea of expected pricing. So why is this? In this post I'm going to explain why OCXO oscillator pricing has been traditionally hard to find, and how Bliley's innovative pricing approach will make your procurement process so much easier.

Also, be sure to check out our OCXO immediate pricing guide at the end of this post!

The Secrets of Traditional OCXO Oscillator Pricing

"Hidden" pricing in the oscillator industry mostly boils down to customization. Traditionally, frequency control and OCXO devices have been very high-performing, customized solutions. Being customized, it can be very difficult to give an estimated price right upfront. Customized, high-performance oscillators can have a very wide price range that all depends on many application specifications and needs including

  • Center frequency
  • Stability
  • Package size
  • Voltage
  • Power consumption

This has traditionally been the accepted way, and no one has really questioned it for decades... until now.

Bliley has innovated a new manufacturing process that allows for open, transparent pricing upfront. The main ingredient? Standardization. Let me explain...

We wanted to make the procurement process easier for everyone involved, so Bliley decided to take on a product standardization approach that would allow for immediate and transparent pricing for many of our parts.

Some people tend to assume that a standardized approach would sacrifice performance and quality. However, a top priority of ours is to make sure high quality and performance are maintained with all of our standardized parts. 

Standardized Performance

One of the keys to our high-performing standard OCXOs are the types of crystals used inside the oscillator. All of our standard OCXOs use precision SC cut crystals. In a nutshell, SC cut crystals allow us to significantly improve oscillator aging and stability (without using EFC which can lead to long-term performance issues).

The bottom line is that in many cases, SC cut crystals can actually help reduce long-term costs and improve long-term performance. Sounds like a good deal to us!

Utilizing SC cut crystals (along with some other super secret manufacturing processes) allow us to provide low, immediate pricing while maintaining the performance and quality that has been expected from Bliley for over 90 years.

Where to Find Immediate OCXO Oscillator Pricing

Bliley Online Shop for OCXO Oscillators

For starters, buying OCXO crystal oscillators has never been easier with the recent release of the Bliley Online Shop for OCXO Oscillators. There you can easily explore and search thousands of low-cost, high-performing OCXO oscillators.

Bliley online oscillator shop - buy OCXO oscillators with transparent pricing

Here, all of the OCXOs listed include immediate, transparent pricing. Just like on Amazon. No need to suffer through the long, annoying quoting process anymore. Simply place your order with a credit card or purchase order and your order will ship within a few business days.

The online store includes our standard high-performance (BOV) and Low Noise (LN) OCXOs at competitive prices. Looking for the best-of-the-best performance for high-end applications? The next option may be best for you.

Pricing for Other Bliley Manufactured OCXO Oscillators

Bliley also offers premium performance OCXOs with immediate, transparent pricing. (Beyond the BOV and LN series offered on the online shop).

Bliley provides some of the best performing OCXO oscillators in the industry, including options with

Looking for immediate pricing for all of our OCXO products? Download our OCXO ballpark pricing guide below!

Immediate Oscillator Pricing - OCXO Oscillator Pricing Guide

With so many part number offerings, pricing can be difficult to follow. Not here at Bliley! We created this complete OCXO ballpark pricing guide that outlines pricing for each of our OCXO families and phase noise options. Download the free guide for immediate, transparent pricing for all of our standard OCXO options.

Bliley OCXO Oscillator Pricing Guide Download

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