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Bliley Technologies GPS Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO) for Small Satellite Mission Success

Posted by Rob Rutkowski on Dec 15, 2017 10:55:36 AM

Bliley Technologies has been recognized in the frequency control industry as one of the premier suppliers for high quality OCXOs for over 85 Years.  Bliley has been moving up the value chain from an RF system perspective.  Within the last year, Bliley has developed a commercial LEO solution to provide a master reference oscillator which provides the functionality of a PLL and OCXO from the GPSDO design and is currently in production

Satellite 2-1.jpg

Bliley recognizes that there is no definitive solution for the LEO cubesatellite market, and is currently in development of a solution in a form factor which is suitable for the cubesatellite platform by challenging size, weight, power, and ease of integration.  It is to Bliley’s understanding that many cubesatellite missions have different needs whether it be superior phase noise, superior short-term Allen Deviation, or very low power consumption. Therefore, Bliley is offering variants to cater to each of these needs.

Bliley is Determinded to Take Your Small Satellite Application Further

After looking through How GPSDOs can Deliver Mission Success for Satellites and Design, Functionality, and Architecture of GPSDOs for Small Satellites... are you starting to get the feeling that a GPSDO might be a great benefit to your satellite application? We think so, too! 

Contact us and let us know of any specific requirements you may have for your satellite application. We'll get back to you right away with more information on the perfect GPSDO for you!

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